Tedarim Project


Meitar Ensemble's Center for New Music in co-operation with the Israel Conservatory of Music youth program for outstanding young musicians.

The goal of the Tedarim Project is to help and nurture young musicians who share the love for new music. To give them the tools and the opportunity for the performance of contemporary, important and exciting repertory by composers from all over the world.

The Tedarim Project is an educational program (non academic) in three domaines: composition, performance and conducting. Special emphasis is placed on the encounter between these three domaines while maintaining the unique character and identity of each. As part of the project the young musicians meet artists and key figures from the field of contemporary music. The project members are frequently invited to take part in Meitar Ensemble's concerts and events of at the Center for New Music.

Among Meitar Ensemble's different subscription series at the Center for New Music, the Tedarim Project members have their own successful series, presenting major contemporary chamber works and music written by the project members.

Tedarim is offering a professional and a multifaceted program for those who are interested in taking part in the contemporary art and music making!

Sagit Zur Flute
Jonathan Leibowitz, Adva Hadida, Daniel Ben-Knaz Clarinet

Sonia Navot Cello
Mariachiara Grilli Piano
Tom Ben Ishai Soprano
Yonatan Ron, Erez Cohen Composers
Guy Pelc, Ido Spitalnik Conductors