CEME 2018

Contemporary Encounters
Meitar Ensemble 


International New Music Festival


Pierre-André Valade (France), Maya Dunietz, Bat-Kol Choir, Cecilia Vocal Ensemble, Bracha Kol, Roy Amotz, Moshe Aharonov, Meitar Ensemble

Master Course for composers Haas


Georg Friedrich Haas (Austria)

The Center for New Music, The Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv

Mandel Center, Jaffa

CEME (Contemporary Encounters by Meitar Ensemble) Festival and master courses are a unique platform for the promotion and exposure of contemporary music and young musicians interested in this special field of music.

For the past six years Meitar Ensemble hosts the event at the Center for New Music, The Israel Conservatory of Music. During two weeks of intensive work both the ensemble members, it’s guests and the students participating in the master courses discuss and examine (both in the classrooms and on the concert stage) the current issues of the New Music world while the more experienced musicians teach and enrich the young musicians who seek further development and knowledge in this field.


In CEME 2018 Meitar Ensemble will host the celebrated returning guest composer Georg Friedrich Haas. Mr. Haas will teach for 4 days a class of 12 highly gifted young composers selected for the master course. The Master courses will conclude in two concerts, the first presenting selected chamber works (performed for the first time in Israel)  featuring short lecture by him and the second concert will be a showcase of all the master classes participants: 12 premieres of solo pieces written for the festival.

On its first week the festival will offer two highly performative and energetic concerts. Maya Dunietz will return to work with Meitar Ensemble on a social-political piece for a children choir and ensemble created together with both teams. On the second night love, desire and violence will dominate a highly intense program of theatrical music by Aperghis, Adam Maor and others.

Meitar Ensemble is one of the most prominent contemporary music groups in Israel. CEME master courses were created with the purpose of nurturing young musicians who share the love for new music in order to provide them with the tools and the stage to perform exciting contemporary repertory of composers from all over the world. The Meitar Ensemble is the ensemble in residence of the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv and holds the artistic direction of its Center for New Music.

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